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    Functional training is the most popular way of training. It’s helpful for improving sensitiveness, body balance, body coordination, speed, explosive power, reaction and many other abilities through strength training. IMPULSE ZONE with customized stations will break through the traditional training method. It could meet various individual and group demands depending on its modular design & the best adjustment ability. Impulse will offer you professional and high quality equipment, special training support as well as continuous certification training. The space advantage and multi-functional composite performance will bring you to a brand new fitness level.

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    In late 2014, ACSM predicted that the most popular exercising trends in 2015 would be self-weight training. Through analyzing this exercising trends, Impulse’s development and research team established X-ZONE group advanced functional training station.

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    O-ZONE is outdoor fitness equipments which is integrates body weight training, functional training, core training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training and many other trainings. It provides a more efficient and professional outdoor exercise fitness site for young people and leads them to exercise in scientific way.

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